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Anita Pandey

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What we should do in Makar sankranti?


maker means tropic of capricorn  and sankranti means

united attempt to get something done . This day Marks  

the transition  of the sun into the malaria  wash ( capricorn ) .

It also has the sense of the getting in of Spring in India .

This great event is noted by different names in different

cities such as Pongal in Tamil had, small and pleasing in

Assam, maghi in punjab and sankranti in karnataka adhara

Pradesh and maharashtra . ( BTW, It is largely noted in gujarat and jaipur).

It is a day to overlook past tiffs and start again . If body of learning about

old stories of man is to be had belief, it is said that Lord Sun went to have

meeting with his son, Lord shani on this day to resolve  their past issues .

1. People cook rice with short blade and khichdi for small meal .

They give way to into snacks such as bright

quality, tilpatti, a little open, sheer, hear, pagoda and til ka steps

the complete work day while flying kites  on the terrace.

2. Start your day by reciting gayatri saying with special

powers and religion-connected activity the Sun God by offering water .

give attention to bollywood music while you are on

the terrace  flying kites  and binging into snacks .

Good music always keeps the spirit  up and its making

rested for those who are not flying kites .

In the night-fall, you can invest  your time in giving to cause .

But a question get up in your mind what to give to cause on

maker sankranti You by going every day just have to give to

cause clothes . You can also give to cause til, short

blade, data , you, pulses , and so on to the poor and needy .

giving is always a good idea!

attempt using soft cotton threads  instead of nylon  threads .

Do not fly kites  near the birds' nests  . If you see a damaged

birdtake it to the nearest animal well-being center.



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