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Robin Willson

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What will be the impact of corona crisis on developer-s career? Or there won-t be any?


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Honestly, no and yes!To explain better, we have to go back in time by telling you a story about hiring developers. More specifically, we have to go to the hiring scenario for developers for hire, even before the Pandemic began.

The Pre Pandemic Testament

Developers were always in demand. That is a truth universally acknowledged. The word development is a testament to the human spirit. Development means growth and creation. Although the word developer now means software developers, it is a sincere belief that software developers are building the world (virtually and literally).

However, remote work was strictly limited to freelance developers. An entire era of full-time remote work was something of a fantasy. Only a few people were doing it.

2020: The Pandemic Hits

We see mass layoffs. We also see mega giants like Accenture, TCS, Wipro and others going fully remote. Meanwhile, smaller firms struggled with going fully remote. Yet, it was a miracle that in the midst of all this, developers really came through. To make a long story short, developers all across proved that developers can create and level up, no matter the problems they are faced with.

Meanwhile, the COVID Crisis left a huge effect on every career imaginable and led to the conclusion that the future of all work is indeed remote.

How Did Developers Champion Over The Pandemic?

Now, we have to come to the developer's point of view. How did most developers do so well during the pandemic?

Well, let's begin by answering where this answer is coming from. Well, we are BEEU Tech, an IT Services Firm that helps businesses meet their development needs by helping them hire developers.

So, we have been doing remote hiring even before the Pandemic occurred.????That means that we had been seeing this spark of personal growth even before the Pandemic.

By that we mean→ Even before the pandemic started, there were developers who worked multiple roles. We saw many who held full-time jobs by day and worked freelance by night. Their motives were ruled by learning and upskilling. So, what did this Pandemic bring?

Well, Remote Work was always the future, and this Pandemic simply accelerated the growth of the future of all work. ⛽????

Doom & Bloom: Two Faces Of COVID

While many lost everything, some changed the course of their lives. The Pandemic brought doom, and an opportunity to bloom.

People have grown their careers. People have been upskilling during this pandemic. People agree that traditional employment is not the future anymore.

Let's leave all that, people have been more productive through remote work. ⬇️


Technologies based on front-end languages like ReactJS, Java, and Angular that require constant input and user testing could not be imagined as being ever taken remote.


However, it has been 2 years, going on 3 Years but remote work continues along with hybrid work. The Mega Giants are opening up, and people are going back to work from an office setting, but remote work is here to stay.

That is the main impact of the Pandemic on the Careers of Developers.