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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | Sports

What will happen if India loses test series ?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

It will remain number one, even if SA wins the series.

India, which is number one test team, will retain its top ranking irrespective of series results against SA.

SA is number 2 as of now and is 13 points behind India. If SA wins the series 3-0 , both the sides will finish on 118 points.

However, India (118.47) will still be ranked above SA (117.53) on decimal points.


Blogger | Posted on

Nothing unexpected.

Group India is fundamentally a solid ODI group. Yet, it battles in tests, especially abroad. I believed that India would give a superior presentation abroad than at any other time due to the not too bad experience of Indian players like Vijay, Pujara , Kohli , and so on. Indeed, even Shikhar, Rahane all looked amazing previously. I felt that Dhoni consistently needed animosity as a teast chief so I thought he was the explanation behind the thrashings abroad. I thought Kohli has hostility and the youthful players are equipped.

In any case, the batting lineup has stayed essentially in a similar circumstance. They can't play moving ball. Can't remain with tolerance in the wrinkle. Bowlers are performing admirably as indicated by me in light of the fact that in the last visits, Cook, Bell a significant number of them hit 200′s and India had lost by an awful edge. Presently the misfortunes are chiefly because of disappointment in batting.

The abroad groups likewise battle when they are playing in subcontinent conditions. Indeed, even India has vanquished them 4–0 and 5–0 here.

At the point when England had come here 4–5 years prior, they brought quality turn attack(Panesar, Swann) and vanquished India on this dirt. The group which couldn't play spinners utilized a similar system to overcome India.