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What would be Pakistan’s fate after Imran Khan becoming the Prime Minister?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

Pankaj Mishra in Bloomberg Opinion calls Imran Khan an “unproven outsider in mainstream politics”. Like Donald Trump, Imran Khan has the reputation of one who used to be indulged in chivalry, ***** rendezvous, and debauchery. Mishra even calls the ego of Imran Khan, “Trump-sized”.

He however, is a liberal, and if seen superficially, is at least better than Modi and his Hindu fanaticism. But wait, let’s look at his claims of creating a “naya Pakistan” (New Pakistan) after becoming the Prime Minister. This still seems a dream, as everyone knows that the dominance and help of Pakistani Army is the underlying reason of his victory.

“Pakistan has one of the world’s youngest populations, with 64 percent of its people below the age of 30. Like their Indian counterparts, who bought Modi’s claim to possess a 56-inch chest, the young in Pakistan tend to vicariously identify themselves with a politician who radiates hyper-masculine virility rather than intellectual refinement or political skill”, comments Pankaj Mishra in his essay that featured in Bloomberg Opinion.

This tells that he’s no better than Modi when it comes to spreading fanaticism in the population of the country. His continuous claims of bringing the impending glory and a non “westoxified” liberal government, seems futile when one sees the conditions in which the elections were held, and Pakistan’s economy which is heavily indebted under Chinese loans.

Rest is the matter of time.