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Dharm Dass

Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted on | Astrology

What would happen if Saturn and Mars come together on Capricorn horoscope?


Content Writer | Posted on

In terms of astrology, the personality trait of the planet Saturn includes – seriousness, patience, discipline, practicality, stubborn, and inflexible. The personality trait for Mars includes impulsive, adventurous, active, emotional, impatient, rash and aggressive.

Now coming to your question, one cannot really answer your question specifically without checking your entire birth chart configuration. Because a lot of factors can come into play in the conjunction of Saturn and Mars on Capricorn horoscope!

But generally speaking, when Saturn and Mars come together for the mentioned horoscope, it will largely have a positive influence. You would become more ambitious, hardworking and energized. You would make thoughtful decisions without taking too much of time to come to the conclusion. Your communication level will be greatly enhanced and thats the beauy of satrn and mars.

However, on the negative sides, you might become too emotional, which can adversely affect your self-esteem. You could also grow tendencies for pessimism and suicidal thoughts. At times, you would feel overwhelmed with everything that’s happening around you, which could lead you being less confident, un-empathetic and sexually frustrated. However, all these negatives, you can handle them constructively by properly handling your active emotions.

Again, Saturn and Mars coming together on Capricorn horoscope is a good sign—if you want it to be.