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Satindra Chauhan

| Posted on | Education

What your profile picture says about your personality, according to a unknown person?


Research shows that humans have the weird ability to assess each other's personalities from the first glimpse. A new study shows that we don't always have to meet someone in person to do it. A glance at Instagram or Facebook or even Tinder will often suffice.


The researchers have found that when they tried to compare a scientific analysis of the thousands of personalities to their social media profile pictures. For example, extroverts tends to have a profile picture with several faces on it. Moreover, They are also likely to portray the younger image either through the use of one picture from years ago or with them posing with younger people. The five personality traits are -

  • Agreeableness:- nicest people are not always the best photographers it turns out. " Most highly agreeable people post relatively poor pictures of themselves. They are probably smiling and at the same time the pictures are also bright and lively," the research showed.
  • Conscientiousness:- it says that more conscientious people used photos that are more natural, bright, and colorful. They try to express the most emotions of all the various personality types.
  • Extraversion:- extraverts are often surrounded by others, use different colorful pictures, and smile broadly.
  • Neuroticism:- a very simple photo with a little tinge of color is the sign of high neuroticism. Those higher in neuroticism ..are more likely to express a black emotion or even to be hiding their face.
  • Openness:- Sometimes Awesome photos tend to belong to those that are high in openness (this trait is strongly linked with creativity). The photos had more contrast and are considered generally more artistic or unusual.