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Whats is your preference Home-made snacks or outside snacks?


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Well anytime anywhere the home made snacks are preferred over outside snacks. You never know the quality of the food that you get outside. But you are cent percent sure about the quality of the raw material you use for cooking. It is not only healthy but also safe as compared to outside snacks. Noone would I guess prefer the outside junk food over the home made snacks. 


A dietician would also never suggest use of outside snacks over home made food. As fast food contains more sodium and fat as compared to home food. Plus the hygiene and quality of the raw material is also compromised in outside food over home.made food. 

If you wish to travel for a picnic or a day or two journey it's better to consume home made food over fast food due to the following reasons:

1. Home made food is obviously better than outside food in terms of quality and thus is healthy.

2. Home made food is less expensive than fast food.

3. At some places there is difficulty in finding restaurants and cafes to satisfy your hunger so it's better to take home food while travelling.

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But when you are travelling or planning a long trip you obviously you cannot carry the stuff for all the days and it is quite hectic too to unnecessarily increase your burden carrying the food. Also in long journey the chances of food spoilage are very high. You cannot carry perishable goods in huge quantity and thus you need to rely on outside snacks. 

But I would prefer home made snacks over outside food where ever I could use home made food.


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Both have a quality difference that is used to cook the snacks. Like for example Oil, spices, water and other necessary resources needed to prepare snacks is different. 


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