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Engineer,IBM | Posted | Share-Market-Finance

When BSE Sensex will reach to level of 40,000?

@letsuser | Posted

In one of its 2014 articles, Economic Times claimed that Sensex can reach its ATH in the next 5 years, touching the landmark 40,000.

Following the ‘organized loot’ demonetization and precipitated GST implementation of GST, that journey looked to be shambles and uncertain. However, BSE did well to recover back and get back on track to touch new heights.

At the time of writing this, BSE Sensex is at 33,907.35 points, with a big bullish run.

While we are all anticipating for 40,000—nobody can tell the certain date when it will happen. Even the experts are going with the safe answer “soon”. And I am too a part of their bandwagon. I think we will reach that mark in 2019. (Yes, not in 2018

Of course, although right now things look quite positive, there could be an awful lot of challenges on the way. Both domestic and international factors can play a major role in this. In my personal opinion, the runner-up to 2019 general election will have the major influence how the Sensex moves.

So yes, in short and simple terms, the answer to your question is 2019. I know it’s vague. But that’s the best answer you can get right now.



student in journalism | Posted

Yes, it might reach 40,000 before December but I doubt it would sustain that level


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