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When did the first electric train run in India?


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The first electric train ran in Quite a while with the introduction of administrations between Bombay VT and Kurla Harbor on third Feb 1925 on ex-GIP Railway framework. The segment was jolted on 1500 Volt DC. Electric foothold was along these lines reached out on Central Railway upto Igatpuri on Northeast line and Pune on Southeast line where substantial angles on the Western Ghats constrained presentation of electric footing. 1500 Volt DC foothold was presented on the Suburban part of Western Railway among Colaba and Borivili on 05.01.1928 and between Madras Beach and Tambaram of Southern Railway on 15.11.1931.Thus, before first light of Independence, India had 388 KM of DC zap.

In the post Independence time, crafted by zap of Howrah - Burdwan segment of Eastern Railway taken up on 3000 Volt DC during the Period of first long term Plan was finished in 1958. Because of the broad examination and preliminaries in Europe, especially in French Railways (SNCF), 25 kV AC arrangement of foothold arose as a practical arrangement of Electrification. Indian Railways chose in 1957 to receive 25 kV AC arrangement of jolt as a norm with SNCF as their specialist in the underlying stages.



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