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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | science-technology

When will next boom occur in pharmaceutical and IT sector?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

First talking about the IT sector of India, indeed things have slowed down at the moment. But in the coming months and years, we will see a major boom. What we’re seeing right now is the lack of innovation. Yes, we’re seeing more number of startups. But most of them are basically using the same old models and offering the same products. So the retail investors, in particular, have taken a backseat and relaxing. As we move forward and accept more of AI, VR and IoT implementation in various niches, these investors will come back in active mode. So IT sector will start back on bullish track.

As for Pharmaceutical sector, things usually stay calm and sustainable here. So you can always invest your money here and expect decent return in the long run. But if you’re looking for a “boom”, it is very likely that it’s going to come after 3-4 years from now. Because while as promising is the application of AI in pharmaceutical sector, its usage would remain very less until we have optimize the use of this technology. And that would happen only after 3-4 with the current pace.