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Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

When will the Kashmir issue be solved?


Blogger | Posted on

Why so?

1. Jinnah needed to turn out to be first PM of unified India in which case he wont proceed with parcel however Nehru didnt concur regardless of realizing Jinnah had some genuine infection and had just not many months to live.

2. This caused Jinnah to heighten shared disdain and slaughter to pressurize for a different nation and turned into Pakistan's first Gov General dismissing Mountbatten's proposal to become Gov General of the two nations (he was first Gov General of India). Pakistan during childbirth had 17% British India assets, 20% British India populace, 33% British India military, additionally huge piece of government workers (according to British segment plan and furthermore emphasized by Hussain Haqqani) and Rs. 55 cr. given by India. In this way, while India battled with vacuum in assets, military, administration and assets during those disturbed years, Pakistan had everything to begin with.

3. Presently, Jinnah despite everything needed a bigger region which was unrealistic dependent on his Muslim purposeful publicity as all Muslim commanded territories were at that point given to him, so he attacked neighboring Kashmir against Kashmir Maharaja's desire however was not effective + Nehru's fruitless security of Kashmir prompted this gridlock between two nations which got political shading in Pakistan. Inside scarcely any long stretches of production of Pakistan, Jinnah kicked the bucket and Pakistan had no pioneer, nation saw a disorderly circumstance and military rose to top off the vacuum

4. Thus, however India saw political race declarations on employments, wellbeing, edu, and so forth., all ideological groups of Pakistan have Kashmir on their political race + enormous Pakistani military (more than the populace necessitates) that needs a perpetual adversary to exist so we see they continue assaulting India, Afghanistan and now different nations to support itself.

5. This required showing misshaped history to "groom enemies of India" residents who were expected to help every one of Pakistan's Politicians and military's personal responsibility, in case it might bring about common war against foundation (if Pakistanis requested wellbeing and edu v/s Politicians/Military's purposeful publicity of Kashmir). Along these lines we see, a few Pakistani understudies, even columnists posing inquiries dependent on really inaccurate information on worldwide stages. Prior they were calmly clarified about the realities and typically US representative enlightened them to regarding the legitimate reports and sources they should peruse however unfortunately, presently many have begun scorning them for mistaken research deal with worldwide stages.


Engineer,IBM | Posted on

To be brutally honest- NEVER!!! To help solve the Kashmir issue, we need to talk to every party involved here. We need to accept the hard realities. And above all, one of the parties must be open to make compromises. Sadly, nothing is happening.

The Indian government – and the rest of the country – has never been this distant to the Kashmiris ever before. Even with BJP-PDP alliance, things are stuck beyond control. Some of the hurriyat leaders are spewing venom. Hardcore leaders are brainwashing the young and innocent minds. The idea of ‘Azaadi’ from India of some people in Kashmir has eclipsed the dreams and happiness of thousands of Kashmiris who wants to be with India—live in India.

There are three groups. One, who wants to merge Kashmir with Pakistan (they are very small in number). Second is the group of people who wants an anonymous, independent state, neither in India or Pak; they have their own reasons to demand this- they want peace from India-Pak tension, they are sick of the overlooked atrocities of Army under the shelter of AFSPA. Third is a large group of people who wants to stick with India.

The problem is the whole country and media houses, in particular, focus too much on the group number one, often labeling them ‘anti-nationals’ or traitors. We all fail to address the real needs of the people in group number 2. We’re inflexible in our terms—with hyper-nationalism casting shadow over our senses.

Indian government and media channels are always critical of few renowned leaders in the Kashmir. This gives them the chance to gain sympathy in the valley and amass big support.

From top to bottom, rest of India has been wrong in dealing with Kashmiris and their definite demands. We’re not up for any changes. We’re using forces to suppress voice, which today is failing to work. In fact, the biggest problem is that Indian Government is not even ready to accept that the problems of people in Kashmir are real and legit. Most of them don’t care about India and Pakistan. They want to leave in peace. They want food. They want happiness for their children. They want to live a normal life. Away from all the sense of pseudo-nationalism, they want a happy and prosperous life for themselves and their family.


Blogger | Posted on

In straightforward terms, Kashmir issue can't be tackled with no war which will be severe and past all limits and I have my purposes behind it.

All the three gatherings to it have this feeling of certainty or conviction that we can overcome the opposite side effectively in spite of being requiring some investment.

Pakistan is sure that they can win war against India and can take entire of Kashmir absent a lot of misfortune to Pakistan itself. Pakistan accepts it more as a blessed war which ought to be battled or bolstered by each Pakistan since it is a war for alleged "Islam".

India then again accepts that Pakistan is nothing before it and it can influence away Pakistan whenever they can. Any Pakistani nearness can be squashed in India. What's more, simultaneously, India accepts that it don't require to talk with Pakistan about the issues winning in Kashmir.

Kashmiri seperatists or individuals who bolster the idea that they can get free Kashmir by battling Indian powers head on with stones and petroleum bombs and consuming houses and police headquarters. They have misguided feeling of certainty that they can defeat the Indian armed force by snare or evildoer.