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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Science-Technology

Where can I check about the latest technology trends?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

These days there are countless tech news websites available. Of course not all of them are reliable or bring the same quality, but there are a handful of name that millions around the world rely to check the latest technology news.

My personal favorite is NDTV Gadget. NDTV is one of the most reputed names on the news and media scene. So you can trust its reports. Next is Techcrunch. It’s a platform used by people around the world. Here are few other news platforms that you go to check about the latest technology trends:

· TheNextWeb.com

· Gizmodo.com

· Mashable.com

· GSMarena.com

· Cnet.com

· TechRadar.com

· DigitalTrends.com

· TryTechNews.com

· Wired.com

· AndroidAuthority.com

These are very trusted names that provide quick and reliable updates on the latest technology trends. They are dedicated tech-platforms with large team that promises to keep you ahead with the fastest news.

NOTE: Of course, there are many other names that offer tech news. However, it is highly recommended that you read your news and articles on tech-dedicated platforms and not aggregators like Forbes or Indian Express. Of course, they provide reliable reports. But they aren’t as quick as mentioned names above. In fact, these aggregators rely on the mentioned tech-centric platforms.

Hope this answer helped.



On the planet Technology the pace at which advancement happens is exponential. An innovation inclining today may get out of date in coming months.

Some of innovations that can become standard soon are many. Some them that I might want to make reference to are:


The idea of wearable tech like watches,bands,shoes and so forth are turning out to be standard at this point. A portion of the principle contenders in the watch space are Apple Watch,Pebble, and other Android wear based watches. Some renowned groups from any semblance of Fitbit and grameen are accessible.

At present they are only an augmentation of our cell phones. To bait clients the makers have included some additional wellbeing based highlights like pulse screen and so forth.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

It is a sort of reproduction wherein you are a piece of virtual condition. This is for the most part achieved with the assistance of VR/AR headsets.

Some VR headsets

Oculus break

Htc vive

Sony PlayStation VR

Google cardboard


Blogger | Posted on

Connected AI and machine learning are made out of numerous advancements and strategies, (for example, profound learning, neural systems and regular dialect preparing [NLP]). These innovations, which are not the same as conventional calculations and projects, make the machines insightful. Gartner predicts that the connected AI propelled machine learning will motivate applications like robots, self-governing vehicles, buyer hardware, virtual individual partners, and savvy guides. The brilliant machines are setting and occasion driven. They will have the capacity to manage complexities, comprehend, learn, anticipate, adjust and act namelessly.

Shrewd Apps

Associations are applying AI and machine-learning procedures to make new applications. Smart applications like individual associates are making our lives less demanding. Gartner expects that future collaborators will be progressively particular and furnished with potential to change the working environments and homes. Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) make errands less demanding and clients powerful by featuring essential data and collaborations, virtual client collaborators (VCAs) help in particular territories like deals and client benefit. Bundled application and specialist organizations are progressively utilizing AI and machine-learning methods to convey increasingly powerful frameworks. Through the span of next 10 years, each application, and administration will make utilization or some likeness thereof of AI. Man-made consciousness and Machine Learning is utilized in clever sensors, keen apparatuses, operational and security applications, savvy venture applications and so forth.


student | Posted on

Top 8 Technology Trends for 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA.

Edge Computing.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


Internet of Things (IoT)



student in journalism | Posted on

Read news on daily bases.


online journalist | Posted on

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