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Where can I learn data science projects easily?


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There are many companies that offer data science courses. Few of them are listed below





Techno Dot Academy



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Data Science projects can help you improve your CV. These projects will not only help you obtain a deeper knowledge of the topics but will also allow you to gain practical experience in the data science business. Furthermore, they provide excellent proof of labor rather than simply finishing classes.

Here are some of the finest institutes where you can learn data science and uplevel your skills:


  1. The IoT Academy

An industry-approved program created by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati for future Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers to Learn in-demand skills including Statistical Thinking, Data Analysis & Visualization, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Python, Tensor Flow, Neural Networks & Deep Learning, Speech Recognition, IoT, and work on 10+ industrial projects using numerous technologies.

  1. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning has been the finest data science institute in Hyderabad since 2012, with extensive experience in altering careers in analytics, AI, and the financial sector. It has pioneered the concept of “Prodegrees” and trained over 35,000+ professionals. The educational foundation has expanded into a training and skill development partnership, serving the upskilling of 120+ top organizations since its start. Furthermore, Imarticus learning's data science course costs in Hyderabad are inexpensive.

  1. Datacamp

This is another interactive website devoted to data science education. If you are beginning from scratch, these interactive platforms are really helpful. It aids in the tracking of skills necessary for a job in data.

  1. PSG College Coimbatore

PSG’s Master of Science in Data Science is a five-year (10-semester) full-time integrated engineering program. Candidates seeking admission must have completed their (10+2) or an equivalent examination is necessary from a recognized Board or a University.

  1. Inventateq

Inventateq is an Online Marketing (SEO.SEM) technology company that provides job training for all types of Internet Marketing and data science courses used in the real world. Inventateq serves everyone from the most inexperienced computer user to the most seasoned IT specialist.

  1. Aditi Digital Solutions

Aditi Digital Solutions is the top data science institute in Hyderabad, offering the best data science education in Hyderabad with placements to help students advance in their careers. Furthermore, the unique method of having a small number of students every batch allows aspirants to readily grasp difficult subjects. As a consequence, Aditi Digital Solutions has established itself as Hyderabad's most respected data science institute.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the greatest site to master the math idea for data science. It is okay to not comprehend mathematical ideas when you start learning data science. However, to be a competent data scientist, you must first grasp mathematical principles. Math is yet another major barrier to entry into data science. Trust me, all you need to know is high school math.

  1. IIT Hyderabad

The M.Tech in Data Science program is a continuation of the Executive MTech in Data Science (EMDS) curriculum and is comparable to a conventional MTech program. It is a 48-credit self-paced curriculum that may be completed in 3-5 years.

Students can complete 24 credits of the curriculum in the first two years, similar to the EMDS program. They would complete two Capstone projects for 12 credits each in their third year.