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Sumil Yadav

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Where is India standing in ranking at CWG 2018?


Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

On the day 7 of the 21st edition of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia’s Gold Coast, India is currently at "third place" on the medal table. India has won 12 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 8 bronze medals so far that sums up India’s medal tally to 25.

India’s athletes are giving their best performances and they are on the top of their game. With each passing day, they are grabbing medals in different sports events, be it weightlifting, shooting, boxing, or hockey. They are excelling almost at every sports event and we hope this medal tally cross the mark of 50.

At present, Australia is dominating the medal tally with 58 Gold, 43 Silver and 45 Bronze medals. So far they have won 146 medals and they may cross the mark of 200 by the end of this event. Next to Australia, England is at the second position with 78 medals.