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Sumil Yadav

| Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Whether China will ever be a friendly country to India?


Profession and blogger by hobby | Posted on

Right off the bat CHINA is a non majority rule nation. They put stock in getting things done all alone and have less political associations with other nation.

China is a profoundly respected for their Principles. China needs to dominante the world. Well it really has turning into a prevailing player in assembling area to the entire world.

China loathes USA yet look top American organizations which are limb by China with the goal that those organizations leave USA and move their Base to China. Google search China interest in usa.

Presently INDIA has great relations with USA and Russia. India is as of now the quickest developing economy on the planet and is the fate of Asia.

USA and Russia have been signings agreements with India about Defense, Industry, Diplomatic since numerous years. So this has made India a potential risk to China on account of our populace which ensures Market to organizations.

India upheld free Tibet development and Dalai Lama which is under Chinese control. This made the strategic connection increasingly sharp among India And China as China needed unlimited authority of Tibet.

China doesn't have great Relation with Korea or Japan either. So they made Pakistan as their partner who is urgent need of them. Through Pakistan they can Control India development through military and political weights. They are developing ECONOMIC CORRIDOR with Pakistan.


System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on

The question is difficult to answer and has many levels.

Let’s first try to understand this from economic-level. India is China’s one of top trading partners. We rank 11th in terms of largeness in consuming China’s export. From the other side, India gets its largest import from China. So both the economies are highly dependent on each other. Meaning, even when they don’t want to, they must continue on friendly terms for the sake of their economic development and sustainability. Because, China and India will become the biggest economies in the world by 2050, even overtaking USA, and neither can do that without the support from other.

Now let’s talk from the military point of view. China has the largest army in the world, followed by India (USA is #3). Both of these countries hushedly want to be a super-power in Asia, and hence the world. And this is one big reason behind the tussle between them. So on diplomatic levels, both China and India has always been in conflict to prove one’s power over the other. China is close to Pakistan, while India has Japan on its side. The idea of military warfare between these two countries is distant, even with recent Doklam Standoff. But they both, in their quest to be super power, will continue to battle it out in diplomacy. Meaning, the wish of friendship between India and China will hardly come soon.

And then we must consider the parties in power, forming the government, in both the countries. For example, Modi Government – much to the delight of jingoist crowd – has been more aggressive on China than its predecessor. China has been countering this on many levels. One, by stopping New Delhi’s attempt to get Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar declared as UN-designated terrorist. When the powers in both the country will change, may be then they will be on friendly terms. As of now, they are friendly—but only on the front.


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Blogger | Posted on

Yes, India and China can be Best friends. But, China should give up it’s policy against India.

China and India had good relations with each Other from 2500 years.China and India never fought war even though their emperors were strong enough to attack each other but both countries respected each other and never attacked each other. But, china’s modern communist government policy is different.china backstabbed india in 1962 and attacked India. Tibet was not part of China but, when china was occupying tibet india not reacted opposed america.but, india expected China should respect mac-mohan line as permanent boundry. But, china opposed india’s One India policy and violated Mac-mohan line. when china was occupying tibet in 1949 India compromised it’s religious land named Kailash Mountain and Mansarover where indians were going for their religious practices from 5000 years. But, china Instead of respecting india’s effort they attacked india.