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Which AC is better for normal home use inverter AC or 5 Star rated AC


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The market has fixed speed air conditioners and inverter ACs. A fixed speed air conditioner has its compressor that goes on and off on fluctuations with temperature in the room. The compressor’s going on and off means coughing up more power units and increasing your power bills. These are actually star rating AC which could be 1 star , 2 star, 3 star, 4 and 5 star. The AC star rating is decided on the basis of energy efficiency.

On the other hand, an inverter AC’s compressor does not go on and off with the temperature fluctuations in the room. It means that it does not consume too many power bills and avoid you paying large electricity bills.
Which one to go for your home use?
The buying of an AC will depend on your uses. If you want to run your AC for a longer duration of 6 hours per day and more, then an inverter air conditioner will be the best.
On the other hand, a split AC is the best for your home if you wish to use your AC 3 to 5 hours per day.
If you are also someone who switches off and on an air conditioner once it has made the room cool, then opting for a fixed speed AC will be the best alternative.
An inverter air conditioner accounts for up to 25% power saving on your monthly electricity bills than a normal device.
The starting price of 1 Ton ACs of both variants begin in India at around Rs.25,000, and you don’t need to spend extra on an inverter AC.
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