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Which actresses ruined their face with plastic surgery?


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Plastic surgery has been very common in our film industry since the 1980s, be it Hollywood or Bollywood. Many celebrities have enhanced their physical features with the help of it. But not all celebrities got beautiful results out of it. 

There are many actresses who have ruined their faces using plastic surgery.


Be it Joan Rivers or Koena Mitra we have a handful of names of actresses who are plastic surgery disasters. Jessica Simpson, Joan Rivers, Donatella Versace, Lil' Kim, Jennifer Grey, Priscilla Presley, Koena Mitra are some of the popular names whose plastic surgery went wrong. Jessica Simpson took a lip injection but the before and after results didn't impress herself, she has accepted that she didn't like her lips and it looks fake on her. Joan Rivers went through multiple surgeries including nose thinning and eye lifting. The result turned out to be not so beautiful. Donatella Versace went under several surgeries, her upper lips are overly pumped than her lower lips and her skin has also become waxy due to several laser treatments. Lil' Kim, the 

fierce rapper, almost changed her total face with plastic surgery which resulted in underconfidence in her. Koena Mitra had undergone nose surgery after which her bones started swelling and doctors had given up. That incident not only 

ruined her face but also her career. Jennifer Grey did her nose surgery in 1978, though she looked beautiful but was not recognizable. Due to her surgery, her career was at stake. Tori Spelling regretted doing breast implants in her early 20's. Many celebrities have sued doctors for bad plastic surgeries. There are a lot more names on the list who went through plastic surgery disasters. Plastic surgeries more often cause complications and are unsatisfactory. Even one 

can't even undo it also.

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