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Which animals are said to be the omens of certain things?


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In every culture’s and religion’s mythology, there are some animals that are considered to be sacred by the virtue of being the messenger of gods.

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Before I tell you about the animals who are strong omens, let’s be very clear that not omens are bad. For example, black cat, ravens, and crows are always associated with destruction and bad luck, but in reality, they represent wisdom and intuition.

1. Snake
Snakes symbolize the magic of nature. It also symbolizes wisdom, and if you see a snake, that means you need to be more creative and you need to push your natural talents so that they are polished.

2. Deer
Deer is the symbol of purity and grace. It is the omen which gives you the message of keeping your head high in all the problems.

3. Owl
Owls, being the mysterious creatures and very rarely seen, they forewarn you for any mishappening that may occur in your life.

4. Spider
In earlier times, people used to believe that spiders are close friends who care about us. It symbolizes connection and relation and hence seeing one means that you are going to run into very close friends (it could be either of past or present).

5. Lizard
Lizards symbolize dreams. Seeing a lizard means you need to focus on your dreams and have to start taking them more seriously.


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