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Which are the 9 Awesome Exhibits from the 2018


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2018 was eventful year in all respects. Many awesome events were occurred and people enjoyed a lot. And some unpleasant incidents like natural calamities took lives of some.  Let us list those events one by one.

1. The royal wedding – The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle captured every one’s attention around the world. This royal wedding was watched by people all over the world.

2. Winter Olympics in South Korea. Olympics is the biggest event in the world of sport. 2018 witnessed the great winter Olympics.

3. 12 footballers and their coach stranded in a cave in Thailand. World wide people were ready to rescue them. They were trapped inside the cave for nearly 18 days. The episode ended happily as they were rescued after 18 days.

4. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s scandal related to Cambridge Analytica. World saw new face of facebook. Facebook’s founder was testified before the Senate committee on Commerce Science and transportation.

5. Kim Jong Un crosses into South Korea. This is really a big step towards peace in Asia-pacific region.

6. Donald Trump backs out of Iran nuclear deal. It was criticized by leader all over the world including former president Barrack Obama.

7. US and North Korea summit. World enjoyed the friendship gesture of Mr. Donald Trump and  Kim Jong Un at the summit in Singapore.

8.  Moscow Soccer world cup. FIFA world cup is a like a sports festival Russia organsed this world famous event in Moscow.

9.Floods in Kerala – Floods in Kerala killed more than 500 and devastated the whole state of Kerala.

There were so many events happened and exhibits to be mentioned in 2018. But these are all the eye catchers.

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