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Which are the best Christmas locations in Europe ?


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Christianity is the national religion of most of the European counties, and this accounts for the best of the Christmas festivities that take place in different countries of Europe every year. One major thing associated with Christmas is Europe is snow. Snowy rooftops decorated with string lights, markets flooding with conifer trees, aroma of cakes in the air, and sound of jingles and carols all around….oh, and not to forget: the beautifully bedecked Churches! This is how European countries are at the time of Christmas.

In Europe, the Christmas festivities start four Sundays prior to Christmas and everyone is high on celebrations. Some countries however, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with a bit of extra enthusiasm than others. And for this, they are worth visiting at the time of Christmas.

If you want to celebrate Christmas in all its authenticity, you must choose one of these European locations:

1. London, England


 London is the easiest option that could be on anyone’s list who is planning on visiting Europe on Christmas. The city is no less than a wonderland at the time of Christmas, and a specific Winter Wonderland it already has in Hyde Park!

Apart from this, you can attend the midnight mass at Westminster Abbey and the Carol concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The Christmas tree at Trafalgare Square is worth seeing. London has an average temperature of 6 degree Celsius at the time of Christmas, and having warm meals in this snow covered city, amongst all the festivities will definitely leave you overwhelmed.

2. Milan, Italy


This Italian city is more than the fashion capital of the world. If you want to see the perfect combination of lights and snow, Milan should be your Christmas destination. If London is a wonderland at the time of Christmas, then Milan is no less than a snowy fairyland.

The Christmas tree at Piazza del Duomo is worth your visit, and so is the Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. In the average temperature of 4 degree Celsius, Milan will give you the major festive feels of the season.

3. Valencia, Spain


Valencia is the place to spend your Christmas days if you want to experience the festival in the most traditional way. Plaza Ayuntamiento in Valencia offers the best Christmas decoration of all over Europe. In the temperature of 10 degree Celsius, Valencia becomes the best place for ice skating during Christmas. And of course, it has the Grand Circo Wonderland.

4. Madeira, Portugal


If you are a music lover, cancel everything and head to Madeira at once for Christmas. The cultural and artistic activities in Madeira are at their zenith during Christmas and have the potential to give you the best Christmas experience for a lifetime.

Madeira offers the firework show, Twelfth Night celebrations, Christmas Carol show, according to the tradition, and a lot more. The temperature is 18 degree Celsius on an average at the time of Christmas.

5. Geneva, Switzerland


The Christmas lights at Geneva will attract you like a moth, they are that beautiful. Geneva, as per the tradition, is decked fully with market lights, and the spark of fireworks. Geneva also hosts a market of pre-Christmas food exhibitors to gratify the foodies.

Visit Geneva for the lights, the food and the Genève Marché International de Noel at Place de la Fusterie. The average temperature here is 3 degree Celsius, so just don’t miss out on the illumined Lake Geneva.


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Christmas is just around the corner, and I can already hear Christmas bells ringing from afar!

I wish I could be in any of the following dreamlands right now.

1. Krakow, Poland

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: tripsavvy.com)

The city is famous for its traditional yet bizarre way of celebrating Christmas. The most popular festivity around this time in Krakow is the szopka competition. The best Szopki (something of a dollhouse, a gingerbread house, and a nativity scene) is sent to the Krakow History Museum.

The city is also known for the White Christmas you will get to celebrate here.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

best-christmas-destinations-in-europe-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Gay Travel 4u)

Here you can have a taste of Dutch history and culture around the time of Christmas, as all the cultural centers and museums are bedecked with the spirit of Christmas and religiosity.

 Amsterdam Light Festival, Classical music performances and ice skating throughout the city are some of the interesting things you can indulge at this time.

3. Rome, Italy

best-christmas-destinations-in-europe-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Eternal City Tours)

And it’s not only for Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori. It is also for the local stalls and the authentic Christian memories you will bring back from there, that Rome is a must-visit place on Christmas.


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