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Which are the best DC design cars are available in the market?


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Dilip Chhabria, or DC is a well known name in the market of cars. He does experiment with cars and gives them a totally new look. He designs the body of cars and their interiors. His company produces India’s only sports car, the Avanti. While DC Design has worked on a lot of cars but only a few of them have successfully turned heads on the roads.

1. Duster

The customized Renault Duster of DC looks more sporty and with all new 10-spoke alloy wheels, headlamps, projector lamps it is so far the best transformation of Dc. The bumper has been modified and a pair of projector lamps used that act as the headlamps of the car.


2. Fortuner

The Fortuner is already a very popular car in the market and Dc has come up with a lounge based concept with this beauty. DC has changed its interior and now it gives you comfort like a lounge.


3. Polo

The customized Volkswagen Polo by DC looks more muscular and sharper. DC has added wide fenders and sleek headlamps and larger tyres that gives it a new sporty look.


4. Swift

The most popular hatchback of Maruti got a new makeover by DC. From the rear bumper to the interior of car, DC has left no stone unturned to make it more peppy and jazzy.


5. City

The popular sedan of Honda looks more aggressive and tough after gets customizedby DC. The City transformationdoes not charge you that much as compared to other cars.