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Which are the best Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh??


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Andhra Pradesh is home to Pingali Venkayya, the designer of Indian national flag and the land

that was once governed by the mighty Mauryan conqueror Ashoka. It is now one the most
promising states of India. It has everything within its boundaries –from technological
advancement to its natural beauty –Andhra Pradesh is visited by millions of people every year.
Some of its best hill stations that you can pick for a soothing trip are:
1) Araku Valley - Explored only by the locals of the region, Araku valley is one of the best
gift of Mother Nature to humanity. Surrounded by high mountains, mighty forests, foggy
clouds, and pleasing climate,climate, it is the best getaway spot for those who are tired of their
hustle-bustle life of metro. Situated about 120 Km away from Visakhapatnam, this
tourist friendly place provides a train ride covering 58 tunnels, hence providing an
ultimate experience for the traveler.
2) Ananthagiri – It is the perfect spot for family vacation and good getaway for townies who
love trekking, high mountains and soothing climate. It provides the best layout for people who
wants to have good camping experience.
3) Nalgonda - With rich history and heritage background, Nalgonda provides a great place for a
vacation, with 11 great attractions and tourist spots, Nalgonda’s history with its beauty and
relaxing climate gives good vibes to travelers.

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