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Which are the best Hindi web-series at present?


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1.Pitchers: Though the storyline is based on the struggles of being an entrepreneur but everyone can take good lessons from this superbly made web-series by TVF. The show centers around four friends who begin a start-up, and revolves around the struggle to make it successful. With gritty storyline, superb plot twists and lots and lots of laughter, it is a complete hit.
2.Tripling: If you're planning to take a binge watch which is really engaging and realistic, TVF offers us another gem with Tripling. It tells the story of three siblings Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan on a road trip. It is that memorable trip where they will fight, they will laugh and cry but most importantly bond like never before.
3. Permanent Roommates: The script is highly relatable for most of the part as it looks very real but the characters are completely out of the box. With their own set of struggles and fights in their personal lives, these characters will give you hope to life fully. It's loaded with drama, humour and portrays the Indian culture and its loopholes in the most minimalistic way.
4.***** Baaja Baaraat: It is the complete Paisa-Vasool saga of two lovers and how they get married or not! From parents of both the sides being exactly polar opposites of each other, to their self doubts, this is a complete entertainer. With a very relatable storyline from YRF studios, the web series is made in perfect sync with a broad audience connect.