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Thalla Lokesh

@letsuser | Posted 14 Oct, 2018 |

Which are the best hotels in ooty, Tamilnadu,India?

Vijay Kumar

Blogger | Posted 21 Jan, 2020

There are several booking sites online to seek out. During my trip to Ooty with my friends, we booked room in ULO Hotels. They provided us the best service we’ve ever had.Right from the breakfast to supper followed by dessert. I can’t able to forget about that day.Having had a perfect mountain view from the hotel , the day started. Then we had a ride on the roadsides of Ooty by visiting nearby places. Then the day ended in where it had started…Thank Ulo for completing the day!

Zyan Malik

Blogger | Posted 31 Jan, 2019

The choice of hotel differs from person to person as every individual looks for different sets of requirements while selecting the hotel. You need to keep a set of things in mind while making your selection in order to get hold of the best hotels.