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Which are the best luxury cars in America


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Buick Century 2023 luxury SUV

Buick Century 2023: new-generation luxury minivan unveiled in China

In China, the premiere of the "reborn" Buick Century. Previously, the Americans used this name to refer to their passenger models, and now it has been assigned to a large and luxurious minivan. In fact, we have a new fourth-generation Buick GL8. By the way, initially, they wanted to give the car a double name “GL8 Century”. For the American brand, this is the first model made in a new corporate style.


The characteristic features of the latter are the “shark nose” with a wide mouth of the radiator grille, which is set at a slight negative angle here. In addition, the Buick Century 2023 is notable for the "fangs" of LED optics and the brand's updated logo. For the model, several versions are announced, and the top version of the Avenir is easy to recognize by its two-tone body. Like the third-generation GL8, the interior of the minivan has a peakless panel with two large displays of a virtual instrument cluster and a multimedia system.

At the same time, the developers abandoned a separate climate control panel, assigning this functionality to the multimedia system. Thus, the number of analog buttons on the front panel was minimized, although the Americans did not completely abandon them. The transmission in the car is controlled from the right steering column lever and the front seats - from the remote controls on the doors. The initial version of the Buick Century has three rows of seats and a six-seat interior trimmed in Nappa leather