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Which are the biggest Reservation Movements that happened during the Modi government?


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Many movements and agitations have taken place during the Modi government, wreaking a great deal of havoc all over. The biggest of all these movements have been listed below.

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1. Patidar Andolan in Gujarat

Patidar Andolan in Gujarat was initiated by Hardik Patel. Patel, in 2014, started the movement through social media, where it gained momentum and caused youths in thousands of numbers to take to streets.

The city of Ahmedabad was greatly affected by the agitation, in which many vehicles were burnt and public property was harmed.

2. Maratha Reservation Movement

Started in Maharashtra due to a person’s suicide, this movement is known for the frenzy it caused in masses. Seeing the condition of the state, the CM of Maharashtra decided to give reservation to the said community.

3. Gurjar Reservation Movement

 This movement in Rajasthan affected the railways, as people sat on the railway tracks to display their dissent. Railway passengers had to suffer a lot due to this movement. The roads and streets were also confiscated for around 6-9 days.

4. Jat Andolan

This one also took place in Rajasthan. Through this agitation, Jat community demanded themselves to be categorized in the backward classes. Railway tracks were again confiscated and army soldiers were asked to help to silence the protesters.

5. Demands to be categorized in OBC

This protest was held in Andhra Pradesh by the Kapu community for their categorization in OBC.

6. Nishad Movement

This protest was initiated in Uttar Pradesh, and the Nishad community was demanding its categorization in SC.


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