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Which are the most obscene countries in the world?


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Without question Polish people are some of the most base, tactless, ignorant, arrogant, deluded, shallow, racist, anti-semitic, lying, thieving, backstabbing, complex-riddled, and you got it, RUDE people on planet earth. Making it worse, they actually think they're wonderful, as many of them are also the least Christian, 'Christians' you'll ever meet. This is only funny the first ten times they tell you how lovely they all are (and start criticizing your country as many are also 'global/cultural' experts). They are on these kinds of lists for a reason. Yes, there are some exceptions, but every cool and thoughtful Pole I knew there hated it and was either planning an escape or was trapped there because of family.
Very rude and egocentric people, nationalistic and blinded from self appreciation. Should be higher on the list.
Catholics from the middle age thinking and doing, racist against any migrant or even refugee.
I've been to nine of the top ten countries on this list and none of them come close to being as rude and socially inept as Poland/Poles.

Nah, France is VERY RUDE! Some lady was hostile to someone at the counter in Ibis Budget when they were asking about the prices, so the customer left and didn't want to book a room anymore. Another thing, they have no manners. When you want to go get off a train, they won't make way for you to get off the train properly. They are worse than UK in my opinion.
Whenever I hear anything about france I think of my french class I have at school and then I get reALLY stressed
Absolutely ridiculous, France, UK and USA are among the most multi cultural countries in the world, in France more than 170 countries are represented, the tensions are more between some ethnics part than else. People of france are kind anyway and France stays the most visited country, so rude you say? Just because you don't know anything at all and just believing in stereotypes as any mindless guy.
France is my favorite country and I am Irish!