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Which are the Top Antivirus Software?


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Top 7 antivirus which tested by experts

7. Trend Micro
• Keep your computer safe with super-fast scans
• Optimize your PC’s performance in seconds
• Browse Social Media Safely and Privately

6. Panda
• Secures access to your WiFi network
• Virtual keyboard prevents keylogging
• top ratings from testing labs
5. Heimdal
• Cybersecurity education module
• Next-generation malware detection
• Responsive support team

4. Bitdefender
• Secure Wi-Fi hotspots
• No lag-time while running in background
• Multiple levels of Internet security protection

3. McAfee
• Robust parental controls
• Online web advisor for secure internet browsing
• Enhanced social media protection and anti-spam tools

2. Total AV
• Disk cleaner utility boosts system performance
• Passed our test with flying colors
• Includes built-in VPN to encrypt traffic

1. Norton
• Robust cross-platform protection
• Money-back guarantee to keep your PC virus-free
• Defeats zero-day attacks
• Outstanding customer support