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Jessy Chandra

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Which country has highest number of women as commercial pilots?


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My answer may surprise you but it is very true that India has the highest percentage of women commercial pilots in the world. No matter how harsh are ground realities for Indian women, the facts are very clear that Indian women are very determined to touch the sky.

Sky is not the limit for them that they have proved globally with 12% of the overall 10,000 commercial pilots across the globe being Indian women. According to the data of Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India is noticing a steady rise in women pilots annually. The last a few years noticed issuing commercial licence of pilots around 4,267 and out of which 628 went to women that constitutes 14.7%.

The main reason of why India has more women pilots than other countries is the strong family support. Women pilots have to go overseas for days and they spend days away from home. In India, women pilots have their mothers and mothers-in-law to look after their kids and family that ensures them they can go on long flights without giving too much second thoughts.

Next to India, the major percentage for female pilots stands at 7.6% in the US, 5.4% in France and 5.1% in Japan and according to a report, around 20% of students who do enroll themselves for a commercial flying licence in India annually are women.