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Which dessert of Rajasthan is most famous and how to make it?


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Rajasthani cuisine takes pride in the culture and tradition of the king. After a heavy and aromatic meal, they often want something delicious to satisfy their bats. Desi ghee is an ingredient most sought after by Rajasthani sugar and adds that extra flavor to it. These desserts will definitely help you in the sweet craving and we bet you won't be able to read without being tempted to have them. List a list of nine Rajasthani desserts that you can eat at

1. Doodhiya Kheench


Doodhiya Kheench is a popular wheat porridge that is preserved in Rajasthan and is believed to be from Udaipur. It is similar to rubber and tastes better when made with sigdi (right) in dischi (copper bowls). It is usually done in winter and should be done in Akshaya Tritiya. Doodhiya Kheench is different than the Meta Dalia we usually eat for breakfast. It is made of grated wheat, in which the husk is removed from the grain of wheat. This dessert requires wheat, whole cream milk, Cardamom powder, saffron, sugar and nuts such as almonds or cashew.
2. Dilkushar

This soft, chewy yet tangible dessert is also known as Besan ki Chakki or Mohanthal. Usually done on occasions such as weddings and festivals. A complex mithai for perfection, Dilkushar is traditionally made with gram flour made from forced (besan). Besides besan, it is made with mawa (khoya), Cardamom powder, sugar, milk, almonds and a dollop of ghee. This tie is designed to make you fall in love.
3. Rabbi Ghevar

Ghevar made a delicious traditional dish in Rajasthan and it is available during festivals. Ghevar is a dessert made in the form of a disc and has tops including rubber, malai, mawa and more. It is made with refined flour, desi ghee, milk, saffron, Cardamom powder and sugar. Rabdi is basically fortified sugar milk that is spread in the upper part of ghevar and has a heavenly flavor.
½ cup ghee / clarified butter
1 block of ice
2 cup maida / plain flour / sifted flour
½ cup milk, rotten
Three cup water, frozen
1 cup water
deep frying oil / ghee
dried, ornamental fruits
¼ tsp Cardamom powder / elachi powder
silver vrak decoration
first, take ½ cup ghee and rub with ice block.
now add 2 cup maida and stir well.
In addition, add ½ cup of boiled milk and give the wrong mixture.
In addition, add 3 cup of boiling water, 1 lemon juice and make a smooth flow consistency.
pour 2 tbsp of batter and maintain a good distance from the hot oil.
the batter will increase and later fry to decrease. repeat 10-15 times
drain the ghevar when it is already cooked, then drain the oil completely.
pour sugar syrup over ghevar, garnish with finely ground nuts and sprinkle with Cardamom powder.
finally, garnish ghevar with silver vrak or rubber and ready to serve
4. Balushahi

Balushahi is a popular cuisine in North India, including Rajasthan. This delicious meal is made with maida, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, yoghurt and milk. This delicate delicacy is fried on low heat and placed in a bowl filled with sugar syrup. Balushahi is often served during festivals and makes for a dessert that is heavy and high in calories. But having just one does not bother anyone. Keep holding your bite!
Balushahi is a popular cuisine in North India, including Rajasthan.
5. Churma Laddoo

churma laddoo is popular not only in Rajasthan, but also in Gujarat. It can be made with atta or besan and is usually prepared during Vrats (elimination) such as Karwachauth. It can also be associated with Dal Baati. It is made with whole wheat flour, semolina (sooji), ghee, jaggery, milk, poppy seeds and Cardamom powder.
Churma Laddoo is popular not only in Rajasthan, but also in Gujarat.
6. Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori is a delicious kachori, which is a cake filled with a mixture of mawa (khoya) and lots of nuts, making it a great meal. What's the best part? The kachori is whole-hearted in sugar syrup and served. Kachoriis made with maida, ghee, khoya, Cardamom powder and lots of notes to fill in. Too much water?
7. White Malpua

Chhena Malpua is a vibrant and creamy bread made from paner and can melt strongly in your mouth. This dessert is best enjoyed with a dollop of rubber tops or garnished with almonds and pistachios. These malpuas are made with paner, sugar, nutmeg powder, cornflour, saffron, ghee, almond and pistachio.
Chhena Malpua is a vibrant and old fatty dish made with paner.
8. Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa is an ancient dessert in Rajasthan and is usually prepared during winter. It requires good time and energy to prepare. It is made with moong dal, milk, sugar, ghee.


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