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Which DSLR camera would be great for a beginner?


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When you are buying your first DSLR just to understand your talent, skills and explore photography, don't jump into the adavnced DSLRs. DSLR cameras are already quite costly and more advanced the features are, more pricey it gets.

In case, you are completely new you should try with the basic DSLRs and later upgrade your model. If you have a fair idea of photography, then you can try out a bit advanced version and later add on variety of lenses.

DSLR For beginners:

Nikon D3400:It is the perfect starter DSLR for adventure photography. With the clarity of Nikon and some amazing features, it is the right camera to invest for a trial.

Canon 1300D (EOS Rebel T6):It is the absolute entry-level DSLR designed to encourage photographers and the clarity and resolution of the camera comes with the brand itself.

Nikon D5500:Features like High-resolution, touch-sensitive screen, non-anti-aliased sensor, slow live-view focussing, it has some cool features in an ideal budget.

Pentax K-50:With great features at the most minimal price, it is great for a start. Pentax's in-camera Shake Reduction system cuts camera shake which is a plus for beginners working in low light as well.

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