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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted on | Health-beauty

Which hair colour is the best to experiment for black hair?


Fashion Designer... | Posted on

Everybody likes bold and bright hair colours because these colours are always appealing and getting more attention is always fun. If you're looking for a colour that will suit your black hair is inspired by the blackberry fruit.

The dark shade Blackberry colouris the best to get a new quirky look. It is low maintenance and it grows out smoothly and doesn't even require harsh chemicals to create a base. To attain this hair colour, you don't need to touch the roots for bleaching. All you need to do is get the balayage base and shades of blackberry dyed with hints of blue. The blue accents help to reflect the shade better.

This dark shade is currently making waves on the internet. The blue accents with this shade is surely a new hair colour combo to try, which catches everyone's attention. It looks best in streaks over the full highlights. It's also considered one of the best hair colours for brunettes. So, if you have naturally black hair, then this hair colour is perfect for you.