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Raymond Schoor

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Which Hindu God is the kindest and which one is the cruellest?


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There are five Hindu gods which are directly related to human consciousness –Indra, Shakti, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Shani, and Yama. These five gods are responsible for our activities in the real world and the consequences of these activities.

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Indra is the god of heaven and hence rules the world of out dreams. Whenever we are facing some harsh reality, Indra takes us to the dream world to make us comfortable. Shakti on the other hand is the goddess of illusion and creates some illusions for us within the real world so that we are not bothered much about the tough realities of life.

Both Indra and Shakti have their own positive traits but their worship is often not recommended because excessive day dreaming and illusion is not good for human life. So we can’t say that they are the kindest.

Then comes Brahma who is the god of creativity and makes us create new options when we run out of the old ones. Since sometimes the options are too many to choose from and we often get confused, Brahma can also not be called the kindest of gods.

Vishnu on the other hand, symbolizes stability and the perfect proportion of all elements of life. That’s why he can be considered as the kindest of all Hindu gods.

Shiva is considered as the god of actions and is known as the one who converts all the thoughts into actions. Since all the thoughts are not good thoughts, such conversion could be dangerous some times.

Shani, however, is more dangerous than Shiva as he can alter the status of things and actions and cause more harm.

Yama, however, is the most dangerous and hence the cruelest of all. Not because he is the god of death, but because he is the god of compulsion. He will make sure you are successful at the cost of anything.

One more goddess who is very kind is Kali because she makes you face the reality. Her horrible avatar is for warding off the evil that may come your way.


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