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Satindra Chauhan

@letsuser | Posted 30 Jun, 2020 |

Which hotel in Dubai, where gold iPad is given as a gift when going? What is the reason for this hotel being different?

sadaf sarwar

Blogger | Posted 07 Jul, 2020

The Burj Al Arab hotel

Namrata Patawari

content writer | Posted 30 Jun, 2020

Even though there are many famous countries, cities, and destinations in the world, if there is one place that is sure to be a must-visit in every traveler's diary is DUBAI. With its magnificent deserts, beautifully designed skyscrapers, and absolutely gorgeous malls and stores, this place is a paradise. Whether you are someone whose idea of a holiday is to spend your evening drinking and dancing or someone whose idea of a perfect holiday is to burn a small hole or rather a big hole in their pockets and just shop shop and shop or if you are someone who is looking for the right amalgamation of all these things and more, Dubai is the right place for you.

Right from manmade islands to its beautiful architecture to Burj Khalifa, the biggest building in the world, this place is sure to offer you with wonders that are sure to take your breath away.

Well, there is no secret in the fact that a place that has to offer so much to the tourist all around the world, is sure to have the best and the classiest accommodation and hotels there can be. But how would you like staying in a hotel from where you would like to not just take back some amazing memories but also live life king size with facilities like a 24-carat gold iPad?

If you think we are joking, then you must visit Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel, where you are handed over with your very own gold iPad which serves as the private butler that keeps you informed about everything right from the menu to spa treatments to the much-required hotel information, etc. If you think that the luxury ends here, then you are in for some big surprises. All of the 202 rooms in the hotel come with an iMac. Some of the other luxuries include walk-in showers and jacuzzi, private butler services, the most mesmerizing room interiors, a large plasma tv, and everything that multiplies the quotient of your comfort and style by manifolds.

If you are planning on witnessing this supreme luxury by yourself, then it Is also important for you to know that the Burj al Arab hotel claims to be the only seven-star hotel in the world. If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and the biggest status symbol, trust us, this place delivers all of this and more.

Located on its very own island, the Burj Al Arab has a series of suites that are all sea-facing. Depending on your choice you can be brought to the hotel is a chauffeur-driven limousine or a Rolls Royce, or better still even a helicopter is you are ready to fly. With the panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf, even though just staying in the room is sure to be enough in itself, you can also make the most of the two swimming pools, nine signature restaurants, a full-service spa, bars, etc.

Burj Al Arab is by all means of the most decorated famous and classic hotels in the world. But what makes it worth its price is the epitome and the high standard it has set for itself in terms of luxury, hospitality, beauty, and of course architecture.

So, if you are bored of this pandemic and frustrated over missing out on your holidays this year, cheer up, some amazing places are waiting for you. Let the high tides settle in, pack your bags, and bon voyage!