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Which Indian bank has the highest number of defaulters?


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In excess of 9,339 Wilful defaulters owe about Rs 1,11,738 Crores. The vast majority of this cash is owed to PSU Banks. Nirav Modi firms owe PNB about Rs 11,400 Crores. PNB likewise has Winsome Diamonds, Apple Industries and Nafed as significant defaulters.

Significant defaulters of SBI are Kingfisher Airlines. Spanco, Zenith Birla, J B Diamond, Calyx Chemicals, Shreem Corp and Zoom engineers among others.

The significant defaulters of IDBI Bank are Reid and Taylor, S Kumar Nationwide and Deccan Chronicles. Perpetually Precious Diamonds and Mohan Gems are significant defaulters of Bank of India.

There are numerous defaulters in the Power, Infrastructure, Steel (Essar Steel and Bhushan Steel) and ware segment including gems firms.

So how are these advance defaulters made to settle up? RBI has made the main rundown of 12 enormous defaulters who owe the financial framework around Rs 2.6 Lakh Crores. These 12 records are around 25% of the NPAs. The NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal) is responsible for the bankruptcy procedures. Huge Companies like POSCO, Arcelor Mittal, TPG Capital are hoping to purchase focused on resources at a small amount of the cost. There is a rush of requests looking to permit bombed advertisers to take an interest in the offering and goals procedure of their individual firms. There is a dubious government choice to keep out existing advertisers from offering for the focused on resources. The silver covering is that the current advertisers could offer on the off chance that they reimburse the levy to the financial framework, which is an extreme inquire.


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According to a Reseve Bank of India report, India has wilful defaults of over 111,738 crore that comprises around 9,339 borrowers who have the capacity to pay up but refused to repay their loans.


India's largest lender leading bank, SBI has topped the list of highest wilful defaults amounting to Rs 27,716 crore till December, 2017 as per reports. According to data available with Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd (CIBIL) state-owned banks have reported wilful defaults of Rs 93,357 crore involving around 7,564 defaulters.


This is a 340 percentage surge in defaulter cases in less than past five years. The RBI is yet to disclose the full list of defaulters that can make you surprise further.


Next to SBI, PNB is the second on the list and has been under the radar by top probing CBI agency for $1.77 billion alleged fraud by firms of jeweller Nirav Modi that has wilful defaults of Rs 12,574 crore.