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Which Indian cities relate to which characters of the Mahabharata?


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Banganga, Kurukshetra – This spot is found a couple of kilometers from Kurukshetra. This was where Bhishma Pitamah had set down on a bed of bolts. On being requested water, Arjun destroyed a bolt on the ground and a surge of water of Ganga came out and went directly to Bhishma Pitamah's mouth.
Kurukshetra – This was the acclaimed war zone of the Mahabharata War. It is arranged 40 km east of Ambala city. This land is otherwise called the place that is known for Altar for the penance of Lord Bramha. A lake named Brahma Sarovar is acclaimed here. As indicated by the Bhagwat, before the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna came here to take a plunge in the Brahmakund.
Hastinapur – Hastinapur is situated in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. This was an amazing city in the hours of Mahabharata. This was additionally the capital of Kauravas and the Pandavas. This is where Draupadi lost here riches and Yudhisthir lost his siblings in the round of bet. Subsequent to winning the battle of Mahabharata, Pandavas made this city as their capital.
Varnavat – Situated on the banks of stream Ganga, it is a city situated close to Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. It was here that Duryodhana fabricated a Lakshgriha (wax house) to execute the Pandavas. To evade the battle of Mahabharata, Pandavas had requested five towns from the Kauravas, Varnavat being one of these five urban communities.
Panchal Pradesh – Panchal Pradesh was situated between the Himalayas and the stream Chamba on the two sides of the waterway Ganga. Once, when the King of Panchal got the updates on an assault from the King of Ayodhya, he said that his five (panch) children just were sufficient to battle the war. From that point forward, it was designated "Panchal". Draupadi was the little girl of the King Drupadi and was named "Panchali" as she was the princess of Panchal.
Gandhar or Gandhara – This was an antiquated city of Mahabharata and is at present arranged toward the west of stream Sindhu in Sindh Pradesh, Rawalpindi. Dhritrashtra's better half Gandhari was the little girl of King of Gandhara. Gandhari's sibling Shakuni was a brains behind the battle of Mahabharata.


Takshashila – This was the capital of Gandhar Desh. After the battle of Mahabharata when the Pandavas left for the lord Himalayas, Parikshit was made the ruler.
Ujjanak – This was an antiquated city close to Kashipur, Nainital area. Master Dronacharya instructed bows and arrows to the Pandavas and Kauravas here. There is an immense sanctuary arranged here. Local people call it one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. This spot is likewise called as Bhimshankar.
Shivi Desh – Shivi Desh was situated on the north fringe of India in South Punjab. The grandson of the liberal King Ushinar was a Shaivya, who had got his girl Devika wedded to Yudhishthir. During the battle of Mahabharata, Shaivya assumed the function of a toxophilite from the side of the Pandavas.
Indraprastha – Indraprastha was an excellent city arranged toward the south of present-day New Delhi. The Pandavas had set up this city subsequent to obliterating Khandav Van (Forest). Vishwakarma, the engineer of the devtas had planned this city. This city was the capital of the Pandavas.
Vrindavan – It is arranged 10 kilometers from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. This is a position of Lord Krishna 'Bal-leelayen'. Indeed, even today Raas Leela is the fundamental fascination of this spot, Temple of Bankebihari and Radhavallabh is renowned here. Janmashtami is prominently praised here.
Gokul – Gokul is arranged in Uttar Pradesh on the banks of stream Yamuna. Krishna and his senior sibling Balram were raised. Shri Krishna later turned into Arjun's charioteer during the war and Balram encouraged the specialty of mace battle to Bhima and Duryodhan.


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