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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Which IoT startups are promising in India?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

The industries which are going to be impacted by IOT are in manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. Basically wherever predictive behavior is appreciated.



IoT Workshop | Posted on

Many start ups are relying on IoT as their main technology to develop their products. These startups excel at analytics, real-time monitoring and Artificial Intelligence to deliver exceptional services to their customers.

Here is a list of 10 budding start-ups with there main focus on the Internet-Of-Things:

  • Altiux
  • IBM
  • Hidden Brains
  • Eoxys
  • SyonInfomedia
  • Traxroot
  • ZeroZilla
  • FuGenX
  • Infratab
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise



@letsuser | Posted on

In recent times, we are seeing more and more IoT startups emerging in India. And why not really, Internet of Things is the future after all!

There are few new companies that have managed to grab everyone’s attention. Here are 3 of them that we should look forward to in 2018:

1. Ecolibrium Energy- It’s a big data analytics platform that provides energy intelligence to commercial and industrial consumers. The company is based in Ahmadabad. Given all the attention around energy conservation and efforts to protect the natural resource, this startup can really make a difference.

2. Hug Innovations- Based in Hyderabad, this company offers wearable Hug smartwatch. These watches are unlike any other in the market that takes health management to a whole different level. It packs gesture control for various activities, also tracking a lot of data at the same time, including your food intake and calorie burn. There are plenty other utility features that it packs.

3. Stellapps- Targeted to Dairy farmers, this platform leverages IoT, along with big data, cloud and mobility to improve various ends of agri-supply chain parameters, including milk production, animal insurance and farmer payments. Stellapps is one-of-a-kind that has many rich features.

There are few other names that can make a big ding in the Indian startup ecosystem, like Klar Systems, Zenatix and Saturam in the coming months and years.