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Deepali Bhardwaj

@letsuser | Posted on | others

Which is better in NCR: Grofers or BigBasket?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

In terms of market hold, Grofers is 1/5 of Big Basket which has 73 per cent market share in grocery. However, there are a lot of other factors on which it depends between Grofers and Big Basket which grocery online store is better.

1. Quality of Items

Both Big Basket and Grofers offer a wide range of groceries items on their website and app but Big Basket has their own inventory, they check fruits and veggies before they get delivered to you. On the other hand, Grofer has tied up with local vendors and delivers items to you from those shops.

2. Offers and Discounts

I have been shopping from Big Basket for 2 years and frankly speaking, the discounts and offers are not the same that they used to give. I switched to Grofers recently and they have lots of offers and discounts for new users.

3. Pricing and Packaging

Big Basket items can be a bit costlier than Grofers' but one thing is they don’t comprise on their quality. Packaging quality of Big Basket's items is also more professional as compared to Grofers'.

4. Delivery

Grofers promises delivery with in 90 minutes for an order. They charge Rs 49 for the order that is less than Rs 350. In my opinion Big Basket takes longer time but Big Basket has started an express delivery option to deliver the items at your doorstep within 60 minutes at an additional fee of Rs 20, but not sure if it is available in all areas of NCR.

5. Customer Service

I am quite satisfied with the customer service of both. They both offer good customer service, when you have a query about your order and prices, you are just a call away to get your answers. Both offer prompt service.



@letsuser | Posted on

Very impressed with the answer,