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Which is the Best Brand for an Air Cooler and Service?


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An air cooler is the best economical alternative to cool down during hot and dry summer months. But if you wanted to buy an air cooler, then it would be good to do that from a leading brand so that you enjoy the best of the performances and after-sales services.

Here is a list of best air cooler brands in India that you can consider buying your air coolers from:

1)- Symphony

Symphony is the leader in the air cooler market of India with quality devices beginning only around Rs.5,000. From the range of devices in multiple price points to offering quality performance to customer support and after-sales service, everything is bang on!

2)- Bajaj
Bajaj is another leading air cooler company in India with a variety of models available that may suit your budget and needs. Based on your room areas, you can find an air cooler that will let you relax on a dry and hot day without much investment. The after-sales services of this brand are also top-notch.

3)- Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves has been a veteran electronics company that is also offering its line of affordable air coolers at various price points. You don’t need to shell out much for a personal air cooler, and even large-sized devices are affordable. From prices to affordability to energy-efficiency and more, you can find a Crompton air cooler offering all.

It would be good to compare all models of these 3 air cooler brands for small room and then match one against your needs and budget.