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Which is the best combination in South Indian food?


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Inertly, Vada - Sambhar: Nothing beats this combo for a morning meal. You can have 6–7 idlies and 1 vada and travel across any slopes. You won't feel even 1% disgusted. It is one of the best food that can be had for breakfast.

Rava Idly - Coconut chutney: Again inactively. In any case, excessively yummy.

Dosa - Chutney, Chili powder: Whatever chutney it is - coconut, groundnut, coriander leaves, tomato or onion dosa works out positively for it. Also, crisp powder merits referencing as well. Dosa is sound also however cold powder isn't. At any rate who cares when the taste is simply lavish ?!

Pongal - Chutney/Sambar: This is excessively hefty for a morning meal however one can plan to have this when he/she needs to skip lunch. This will remain in your stomach for longer hours :P

Rava Upma - Tomato/Mango Thokku: Yummy. I am as yet dumbfounded on how a few people disdain rava upma. When you taste the upma I get ready, you can never loathe it :)

Parota - Onion Raitha: There are individuals who incline toward Kurma yet no man I favor onion Raitha. Goodness. This is a serious undesirable food however who cares. You have it just a single time in some time.

Sambar rice - Potato/Yam fry: Some north Indians allude to South individuals as "Sambar". People, you think it affronts us. Yet, hellfire no! Sambar is the pride of South India!!!

Any assortment rice with papad/vadam/appalam: The most ideal decision of lunch for having outside home!

Payasam: Whoa. A sweet which is unavoidable in any piece of the South. My undisputed top choice is Paal Payasam and Aval Payasam.

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1. Dosas: paper-thin crepes

2. Idlis: steamed rice cakes

3. Vadas: savoury doughnuts
4. Uttapams: pizza-pancake hybrids
5. Banana chips: crisps with a twist
6. Malabar parotta with Kerala-style beef: flat bread and spicy beef
7. Appams
8. Kaapi: filter coffee
9. Biryani: something like pilaf
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