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rose fresh

seo smo expert | Posted 04 Sep, 2019 |

Which is the best Email Backup Software?

Gaurav Kumar

developer | Posted 17 Apr, 2021

Google Drive

Noah Brown

Manufacturer | Posted 08 Mar, 2021

According to me Stellar Mail Backup is the best email backup software

Appsian software

Business Manager | Posted 11 Sep, 2020

Please check these 4 email backup software which may help to retrieve the backup.

1.MailStore Home Lite

2.GMvault Gmail Backup

3.Updafe Gmail Backup

4.KLS Mail Backup

Justin Cobler

Student | Posted 02 Jun, 2020

My vote goes to HandyBackup and MailStore Home.

I used these applications at two different points in time. And they are the best, safe and reliable options for SMBs.

Granted there are other companies that offer better mail backup applications but they expensively priced as well.

pmta solutions

powerMTA setup and installation | Posted 31 Jan, 2020

Email is a major part of communication, especially for those who are independent business owners. so sending and receiving as well deleting emails is a daily process for those.we usually delete the old emails. But, sometimes you realize that one of the emails you deleted was important and now you want it back so in that case, We have a best email backup tools to getting our email again .
Handy Backup
Mailstore Home 
SysTools MailBakup 
KLS Mail Backup 
Gmvault Gmail Backup 
Spin Backup

Grace Hadid

@Grace | Posted 16 Oct, 2019

Here is the top Email backup software.

Mailstore Home

Spin backup
From these, you can backup the content in the best possible manner.