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Bertha Chrystal

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Which is the best holiday special place?


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Vacations, are the most relaxing part of the year. Its a means by which a person can just leave his tension behind and enjoy life. However problem arises when one has to decide where to go for a vacation. Your holiday destination depends on your taste, company and your budget. Below are a few places that you can go.

1. Four Seasons Resort,Bora Bora: Located in French Polynesia this is one of the most romantic places which every couple should go to once. You can book the overwater bungalow suite or the beachfront villa estates and surprise your special someone with a relaxing and luxurious weekend.

2. Alaska Cruise: If you are a person who loves to travel by water then cruise is the best option for you. Alaska cruise gives a tour around the glaciers and the national parks. Picturesque glaciers, trekking and luxurious voyage , this is a combined package.

3. Las Vegas: If you are looking to spend Your vacation living the night life then Vegas is the best option for you. From Casinos to clubs this place will make you feel young.

4. Paris : Wine and Cheese are not the only attractions of this place. You can travel to Paris with a loved one or alone, it can make your vacation memorable anyway.

5. Baros, Maldives: Who hates a relaxing vacation on a beautiful island in luxurious villas. This place will guarantee you a perfect romantic getaway.

6. Rio De Janerio, Brazil: This is an ultimate honeymoon spot for many years. even if you are travelling solo this place wont let you down. Carnivals never end here and the streets are always lively.