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Nupur Vaidya

Software Developer. | Posted | Science-Technology

Which is the best mobile app of all time?

@student | Posted

Technology has become a major part of our lifestyles. Even 2-3 year old children these days are seen using cellphones and laptops like  a pro. With this increasing demand, the IT sector has been developing and adapting really fast. New applications are being developed and released everyday. Innovation and Creativity is what make these apps special. It is very difficult to classify any application as an all time best due to constant developments and increasing competition, however we can classify them based on different factors.

1. Social networking apps : this competition is won by the 4 most popular apps Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are the most downloaded and most popular social networking app worldwide and are really easy to use. These days video calling apps like Skype and Google Duo are also gaining popularity.

2. Apps for Windows: Viber is the most popular app for Windows user as it allows to delete messages after it has been sent. Also Telegram another app which facilitates secret chat by providing services like end to end encryption is a sought after app for windows user. Another app called Vine is famous for creating and sharing videos. its the substitute for apps like tik-tok

3. Apps for IOS: Apps like Dropbox and Dashlane are quite popular on IOS based phone.

A list of different , unique and common apps 

1. google: google maps, YouTube, Play Music etc.

2. Shazam: It gives the name of the song by listening to it.

3. Duolingo: Learn different languages with the help of this app. Even ictional languages like Valyrian (reference Game of Thrones) are also present here. 

4. Spotify: IT is the best app for music as it has the widest range of music from all genres.

5. Tik-Tok- This app has gained fame recently and is used for creating videos and uploading them.

THe above mentioned are the few apps which are quite popular and have been in the market for quite a while


Digital Marketer | Posted

Many apps are used time by time. But with my experience, I think Youtube is the best mobile app of all time.


Digital Marketing Manager | Posted

There are many apps which we have used to know and they are becoming a necessity. I think Google is the best app for all your questions.


IT Employee | Posted

i read your question then research and find a result in your question, i think Google Drive is the best in all time 


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