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Which is the best water purifier to have clean and safe drinking water at my home?


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Most of the cities in India are suffering from huge water crisis and this has created a shortage of safe and healthy drinking water. It is understandable that the regular tap water cannot be used for drinking and edible purposes. Therefore, the demand for water purifiers is increasing day by day and water purifying companies are doing their best to keep up with the demands.

Below listed are some good water purifiers along with their specifications. You can choose from them according to your suitability.

1. Blue Star Majesto 8 L RO + UV Water: The capacity of this electric water purifier is of 8 liters which is enough for a normal sized family. Equipped with Reverse Osmosis technology and Ultra violet filtration, it puts your water through six step filtration mechanism. Along with this, it has aqua taste booster, comes with one year warranty, and costs only 13, 799 rupees.

2. Kent Ace Mineral 7 L RO + UF: This RO water purifier has a transparent top so that you can see the components inside. With 3 stage water purification system, it gives you storage capacity of 7 liters with the filtration capacity of 12 liters per hour. It costs only 13, 599 rupees.

3. HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV Water Purifier: This purifier comes with the six advanced stages of water purifier. With its various germ kill treatment mechanisms, it ensures high quality cleanliness and alerts you before its germ kill cartridge stops working. Pureit Ultima is fully dependent on electricity due to its electronic microcontrollers. With such great features, it will cost you a meagre amount of 8, 548 rupees.

4. AO Smith Z8 10-Litre Green RO Series Water Purifier: It is a 10 liter storage water purifier with the best technology. Its body has ABS plastic and this makes it a desirable water purifier for the customers. It also gives you the purity indication. This purifier will cost you 22, 999 rupees.

5. Kent Grand Plus: The Purifier comes with RO + UV + UF with TDS Controller. It also has 8 liters of Storage capacity. Among its various special features is its ABS plastic body and a high power 11 watt lamp. Its cost is 15, 999 rupees.