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Rohan Chauhan

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Which is the biggest employment sector in India?


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Indian railway system is the biggest employment sector in India when it comes to giving employment to people. Indian railway has more than 1 million employees at the present and what is being said by the officials is quite true as Indian railway kick-started the another process of hiring around 90000 employees more, including assistant loco pilots, technicians, gangmen, switchmen, trakcmen, cabinmen, helpers and others.

It is saying that state India’s biggest transportation system is going to provide around 1 lakh jobs to youth from high school pass students to engineers to put the full stop at opposition’s criticism not being able to create enough employment under the NDA government.

The minister of Railway, Piyush Goyal has announced that the Railway board is going to hire Group D employees that comprises around 63000 jobs and other 1.2 lakh vaccines that are lying vacant in safety department and Railway is about to fill those posts to build a strong ground-level workforce.

The sudden filling of these posts is due to the recruitment was long overdue and around 40000-45000 employees of Railway retire every year and railway couldn’t comprise with safety.

The good news is also for those who think that they are good for nothing and their time has gone. Railway dropped the minimum qualification requirement for helpers, trackmen, etc. for the post of around 62907 vaccines to ITI (Industrial Training Institute) or equivalent to Class X certificate. Moreover, the railway has also relaxed the age criteria by extending it by two years across all categories.



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Here are the rundown of biggest government managers in India. Figured out how to discover eight :)

Indian railroads

Indian Railways is the biggest manager in India with 14 lakh representatives and eighth greatest business of the world.

2. Indian military

Indian Armed Forces which has 13 lakh individuals in its dynamic powers, is at ninth spot on the planet positioning

3. India post

India Post is the legislature worked postal framework and has over 4.66 lakh representatives.

4. Coal India

Coal India Limited (CIL) is a coal mining organization headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is the biggest coal maker organization on the planet and has a representative quality of 3.33 lakh.