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Khushboo Gupta

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Which is the famous love story of all time?


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Living beings, there have been many definitions, differences that makes us all beings comparable to non living. But ever since time immemorial the most beautiful quality that makes us different is ability to love. All us beings, innate the power to share, feel and crave love.

Our world over multiple centuries have produced many remarkable love stories. Within novels, poems, dramas, folklore we borne ideas and feelings of what we believe to be true love. 

One such astoundigly gorgeous, extraordinary love story is of Romeo and Juliet. An outstanding tragedy written by Shakespeare, its all about two star crossed lovers who against the society fell in love and die uniting their ultimate families. This story told over in multitude ways depict the beauty of young love.
It teaches how important it is to be accepting love, as love in its truest form is an essence of humanity. The two young lovers who were different in every way possible, whose family were rivals in every sense, a world made for them to hate, despise and be hurtful towards each other they chose to be in love. Maddeningly, beautifuly, bewitchingly in love. For it is supreme to be in love. 
And yet in a world full of grief, malice and horror, they found themselves unable to be apart. 
It made them think, like all of us should. Why hate anybody. Why be the reason of someones pain and sadness. What good does it do to anybody ever to hold enmity.
However as strong as they were in their hopes, of being together a little foolishness caused them there everything.
Romeo and juliet has been and will always be a love story of all times, which teach us to let go of all our fears and prejudice and be happily in love.


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