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Which is the most expensive food in India?


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8 Most costly dishes served in India

1. Gold plated dosa - Rajbhog, Bengaluru
What about having a gold plated dosa? This may sound extravagant to you, however Rajbhog, Bengaluru serves this 'sone ka dosa' with 24K brilliant vark served with a royal flair and this may cost you around Rs 1100 for each plate.

2. Pizza - Qube, The Leela Palace, Delhi
Presented with Gray Goose vodka, this pizza with most costly lobster besting is served for Rs 10,000 and the gourmet expert himself gets the pizza to your table. Presently, this merits an encounter for all the foodies out there!

3. Sushi at Wasabi by Morimoto - The Taj Mahal Hotel India
Will you pay an over the top sum for a plate of sushi? On the off chance that truly, at that point you should visit Taj Mahal inn that serves one plate of sushi for an incredible Rs 8,725

4. Peking Duck - CHI NI, New Delhi
Settled in the rich green climate of The Roseate, New Delhi, CHI NI is known for extravagant eating set-up that each tinsel town individual loves to investigate. Their most costly dish that may cost you Rs 5,200 is known as 'Peking Duck'.

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5. Sheep, Vetro – Oberoi
Made with the most costly fixing, one platter of sheep at Vetro, Oberoi, Mumbai will cost you around Rs 4000. It is safe to say that you are prepared to spend this much?

6. Flame broiled Pork Chop - Yuuka, St.Regis, Palladium
With a picturesque perspective on Mayanagri, this presumed café will charge you approx Rs 16,000 for a feast for 3 individuals. To give you a brief look at the range, we might want to reveal to you that a flame broiled pork cleave would cost you approx Rs.2250.

7. Margarine Chicken - Anaarkali, Hyderabad
This enticing chicken dish utilizes costly spring water and is served in a borosil holder. A holder of the dish that may cost you approx Rs 6000 took 8 years to arrive at the flawlessness it is presented with.

8. Angus T-***** steak - Le Cirque, Leela Palace
The absolute initially sumptuous eating set-up of Le Cirque in Asia is structured by the well known Japanese firm, Design Spin Studios. In the event that you love investigating costly eating, at that point you should attempt their mark Angus T-***** steak, that will cost you around Rs.8,500.