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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | Science-Technology

Which is the tech company that you admire the most?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

368.. Yes, that’s a name of a start-up that’s currently in making. And the best part? YouTuber Casey Neistat is the founder of it. Given just how big of a fan I am of Casey, this is a company I have really high hopes for. It’s not yet functioning; it’s under construction. In fact, what “EXACTLY” is it is not yet completely established. It’s like a factory, a studio or a creative space.

The basic idea behind 368 is giving a platform to new YouTube creators to better create quality contents and generate more revenue. And at first glance, the idea looks incredibly innovative. See, the way people are consuming media is fast changing. Digital platforms like YouTube and Netflix are fast taking over the traditional cable network. And this has led to the rise of some exceptional digital content creators. Youtuber Casey Neistat himself is a by-product of this trend. So, to have a dedicated space for such young creators to support them better, to help them grow—it sounds like a great idea. And that’s what somewhat 368 aims to do. How successfully does it make that happen is yet to be seen though.

The company, located at 368 Broadway, New York, as mentioned, is still under construction. There are different offices, dedicated creative spaces, podcast studio and many other things. It all looks very exciting. And the fact that Casey is doing all these to help the new bunch of new-gen YouTube creators is making me admire him and 368 the most.
Check out this video of Youtuber Casey Neistat, introducing the idea of 368 to the world-

Aside from this, there are many great tech companies that I admire very much.

Airbnb is one of them. They are literally making leisure travel accommodation much more affordable and comfortable.

DSM is another name that tops that list. It is a food science company – and not exactly a tech company – that’s working to deliver nutrition products to 31 million poor people across the world.

Apple, Facebook (Yes, even after Cambridge Analytica), YouTube, Upwork, The Quint (Indian news website), and most importantly Google—these are some great tech companies that I admire high.

Would rate Google the highest though. It has changed the way people live and learn.

These companies are doing some great work in their respective fields, changing society, improving lives. Hopefully, in the coming days, we would see more of great tech companies that are working to change lives and not just merely existing.