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Preetha Nair

Mechanical Engineer | Posted on | Science-Technology

Which is the world-s fastest roller coaster?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

This list usually changes.

However, for the past 8 years, Formula Rossa has maintained its position as the world's fastest roller coaster. Before that, Kingda Ka in the USA was the fastest one for good 4-5 years.

Talking about Formula Rossa, it is located in the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi (UAE). 

(Courtesy: Intamin Worldwide)

It's extremely fast. On papers, its speed tops at 150 miles per hour. And it achieves that speed in just five seconds.

If you find that hard to understand, here's a different take on the *real* speed of this roller coaster…

If you free fall from the height of 171 feet, the speed with which you will hit the ground, Formula Rossa is 4.8 times faster than that.

Insane, right?

The roller coaster covers the entire 2.2 km length of the track in just 1.32 seconds.

It touches the height of 171 feet. 

(Courtesy: Theme Park James)
Check out this POV video:

(Note: If you're shorter than 4.2 feet, you won't be allowed on the ride.)

Next on the list of the world's fastest roller coaster is Kingda Ka. It is located in New Jersey, USA. 
(Courtesy: YouTube)

Compared to Formula Rossa, Kingda Ka is very high. Its height peaks at 456 feet. It achieves the speed of 128 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds.

Sadly, covering 3118 feet long track, the ride is only 28 seconds long.

Following these two world's fastest roller coasters, come…

#3 Top Thriller Dragster: In Ohio, USA

(Courtesy: Wikiwand) 

#4 Red Force: In Tarragona, Spain

(Courtesy: Eureka Magazine)

#5 Dodonpa: In Yamanashi, Japan 

These are the world's fastest roller coasters (that most of us would never want to get on ;))


Blogger | Posted on

Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is right now the quickest crazy ride on earth. Inside 4.9 seconds the train quickens to 240 km/h (150 mph). Read more about them... 



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