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Satindra Chauhan

@letsuser | Posted on | Entertainment

Which kind of personality was Irfan Khan, what you say about his work in bollywood?


Blogger | Posted on

All things considered, I don't have any acquaintance with him however think 'about' him and his work. An uncommon character and exemplification in a job that has profound importance and theory.

Roohdaar: The character is from the film Haider which is an adjustment of Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet'. It was Roohdar who through interest and persona makes Haider see reality behind his dad's vanishing and ensuing slaughtering and his uncle Khurram for his own advantage was behind it. Along these lines, reinforcing Haider's determination for retribution where prior he just had hypothesis.

As the film should be cutting edge adjustments of Shakespeare's works set in the advanced Indian condition therefore coming about strangely in the general plot and subbing the characters and settings to Indian variations.

However, here this character named Roohdaar, which it is difficult to follow in the first play. Indeed, even 50% of his name 'Rooh' signifies 'soul' which affirms it was expected to be the substitution of Hamlet's dad's apparition.


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Irrfan Khan was very, very underrated!

He was someone who, in little ways, without the hype of “100 crore club” and “superstar” title, left a big mark in the film industry.
While the Khans, Kapoors, Bacchans, and Kumars are LOVED by people, Irrfan Khan was one of the very few actors in the country who truly enjoyed not just love but also RESPECT from the masses. And he still does – and will forever do.
His filmography speaks volumes of the kind of versatile actor he was. From Maqbool to Piku, The Lunchbox to Paan Singh Tomar, and Thank You to Hindi Medium – so diverse… And, of course, his several Hollywood ventures that put Indian talent on the map in the western world: Inferno, Life of Pi, Jurassic World, The Amazing Spider-Man, Puzzle, more.
BBC published a great article on him as a tribute. Give it a read: Irrfan Khan: The Bollywood star loved by Hollywood
For all these great movies and massive contribution in the industry, Irrfan Khan won many prestigious awards from time to time. It includes Best Actor Filmfares, Best Actor Asian Film Awards, Best Actor National Film Awards, and so many more.
So, Irrfan Khan has left behind a rich legacy of amazing movies that the fans can watch for years and decades to come and remember what an incredibly talented actor he truly was.
Irfan Khan
Talking about his personality, you can make a lot about the kind of person Irrfan Khan was by simply looking at what his peers are saying about him. They have nothing but admiration, respect, and good words for him.
From afar, Irrfan Khan looked to be quite a genuine person who knew his moments of being serious and fun-filled. At a time when social media leave no personalities unscathed, he stood bright and high in the crowd. He was one of the very few mainstream actors in Bollywood who has never been mired in any controversy. And that alone says a lot about Irrfan’s personality.
He didn’t care much about fame. He was always true to his work. He was someone who loved his family. He loved challenges. He was someone who went against the grain and still made a big name.
Yes, we have lost so many celebrities over the years. And we will lose many more. But there’s something about this loss that feels uncomfortable and depressing.
Maybe because of his gentle smile, friendly presence, charismatic aura, amazing movies, down-to-earth attitude, and class…
Irrfan Khan was a superstar in the guise of a common man, which is why people connected with him.
His legacy will live on!